Join the Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) workshop in Boston


On Friday, August 9 I will give a Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) workshop at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Boston together with Sven Hauff, and Henk van Rhee. The workshop is designed for people who are not familiar with NCA or want to refresh the basics.

Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) is a method that can be used to determine if a condition is necessary for an outcome or not. This is useful information, because necessary conditions serve as bottlenecks or constraints that prevent an outcome from occurring.

We know, for example, that people’s intelligence is a necessary condition for their creativity. A low level of intelligence prevents the occurrence of high levels of creativity.

In this professional development workshop, we will discus the logic behind Necessary Condition Analysis and explain how it differs from other research methods. We will use examples from different fields to illustrate its value and importance. We will also demonstrate the application of NCA and show how you can analyse data to test necessity theories.

The workshop is part of the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019 which takes place in Boston, MA. The Academy of Management (AOM) is the professional association for management and organization scholars. You have to register for the annual meeting if you want to attend our workshop. You can find a list of other NCA workshops here.

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