Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) in Three Steps: A Demonstration

We wrote a guide that shows how you can conduct a complete Necessary Condition Analysis in only three steps. It is freely available as PDF on ResearchGate.

To prepare for the NCA workshop that my colleagues and I gave at the Academy of Management Annual meeting in Chicago, I wrote an R Markdown file that demonstrates how easy it is to conduct a Necessary Condition Analysis. Anyone who knows just a little bit of R should be able to follow it and apply NCA to his or her own dataset. We improved the file to make it ready for publication and I am happy to announce that it is now available as a supplement to the article that describes the statistical significance test for NCA effect sizes. We also made it available in PDF format via ResearchGate.

You can download the guide in PDF format on ResearchGate.

The three steps of a successful Necessary Condition Analysis are the following:

  1. Load the NCA R package
  2. Load the data that you want to analyze
  3. Conduct a Necessary Condition Analysis with the nca_analysis() function

You can copy-paste the code to your R console and replace the example dataset with your own data. Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the R package, the demonstration, or the analysis of your own data.

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