Bachelor Internship Supervision

Internship Supervision

As academic coach I supervised students that did an internship as part of their Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). The internship serves as an important cornerstone of the programme as it allows students to apply the things they learned from their coursework to real-life problems. After completion of the internship the student has to hand in an internship report.

The main purpose of the internship is letting students demonstrate the practical application of the theories and techniques they have studied during their BSc programme. They do so by conducting a small research project in which they (1) identify and diagnose a practical problem, (2) formulate and implement a solution, and (3) evaluate the result. They learn to write a comprehensive report in which they communicate the study’s findings to practitioners and critically evaluate their own performance.

As academic coach, I had the following responsibilities:

  • Approve the internship proposal
  • Provide support and guidance during the research process
  • Assess the internship report, which consists of the following elements: (1) description of the company, (2) description of the study, (3) self-reflection
  • Grading the internship based on the internship report and the evaluation by the company coach