Corporate Entrepreneurship (BMSE04)

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

In order to stay competitive, established companies have to keep searching for new ideas and opportunities. Retaining an entrepreneurial spirit is difficult, however, because the routines and processes that allow companies to become successful in the first place make it hard for them to adapt when circumstances change. This paradox is the central theme of the corporate entrepreneurship course that is part of the Master of Science in Strategic Entrepreneurship at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.

I served as the course coordinator and one of the lecturers of this course in the fall of 2017. Together with professor Justin Jansen and professor Lotte Glaser, I taught a class of 50 graduate students. We tried to capture corporate entrepreneurship in its broadest sense, and discussed topics such as managing growth, social corporate entrepreneurship, the role of organizational culture, disruptive change, rapid growth and scaling-up, and social networks and intrapreneurship.

Stefan Breet
Stefan Breet
PhD Candidate in Corporate Entrepreneurship

My research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, creativity & innovatin, and social networks.