Social Entrepreneurship Consultancy Project

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University

From September through December 2016, I coached 19 students during a consultancy project. In this project — which is part of the part-time master (MSc) in Business Administration at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University — the students worked together in teams to help four different social enterprises: a care farm, a social workshop, a seal rescue and rehabilitation center, and a large social services provider. The students had two goals: solving a pressing management problem and learning how to design, manage and execute a scientific research process. As their coach, I was responsible for making sure that the students were able to meet those goals. I gave several lectures about research methods and provided the teams with feedback on the intermediary assignments. At the end of the course, I assessed and graded the final assignment. This assignment consisted of two parts: an advisory report written for the social enterprise, and a reflection on personal development and team dynamics.

Stefan Breet
Stefan Breet
PhD Candidate in Corporate Entrepreneurship

My research interests include corporate entrepreneurship, creativity & innovatin, and social networks.