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Join the Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) workshop in Boston

In this professional development workshop at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2019 in Boston, we will discus the logic behind Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) and explain how it differs from other research methods. We will use examples from different fields to illustrate its value and importance. We will also demonstrate the application of NCA and show how you can analyse data to test necessity theories.

Using Necessary Condition Analysis to Identify Essential HR Practices

An excellent review of the literature on strategic Human Resource Management shows that Necessary Condition Analysis can be used to identify essential HR practices and move the field forward.

Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) in Three Steps: A Demonstration

We wrote a guide that shows how you can conduct a complete Necessary Condition Analysis in only three steps. It is freely available in PDF.

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Stefan Breet

Stefan Breet

Visiting PhD Candidate
University of Kentucky
Lexington, KY